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This time we talk about Secret Societies.  How they effect the world we live in, who are in them and our thoughts behind them.

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There has been tons of news and rumors in the past few weeks about the future of the gaming console.  With piracy, casual gaming, aps and used games making such an impact on the once lucrative console gaming industry, what will the future hold for the console?

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Season 2 of the walking dead has just finished so the Hopper decided to sit down to talk about the show so far.  This is one of the topics that brought the 4 of us together from the start, so you can imagine we have a lot to say.  SPOILER ALERT!    We discuss everything from the plot, to the writers, to the characters, our theories and of course... The Talking Dead.  The show about a show.

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The show has now officially started.  We discuss Iran's nuke claims, the insane gas price increases and Project Paperclip.

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Today it begins!  Well, sort of.  Welcome to The Hopper, Show Zero.  We introduce the new show and what to expect in the future.  Join Kenny, George, Shawn and Monkey in a new endeavor which will pull together 4 unique points of view from several different parts of the country.  We toss topics and ideas into the Hopper and we see what happens.

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